How Do I Know If I Qualify? 

If you answer “yes” to these questions then you likely qualify for this funded research training opportunity:

Are you a faculty member of an accredited University in Ghana, Nigeria, or South Africa (before December 2014)? 

Do you have a master’s degree in the field of psychology, sociology, political science, economics, social work, or counseling/clinical psychology? 

⇒ Can you provide evidence of (at least) modest training and familiarity with statistical analysis?

⇒ Are you looking to publish your research? 

⇒ If your research has already been published, do you have seven or less publications? 

⇒ Are you interested in the field of forgiveness research? 

⇒ Will forgiveness research be a substantial portion of your research portfolio? 

⇒ Are you willing to commit 3 to 5 years for capacity building in forgiveness research?

⇒ Do you have the technical capability and fiscal management infrastructure to complete your proposed research?