Benefits for Emerging Investigators

Emerging African investigators will be mentored to conduct studies on forgiveness that could possibly result in a developmental grant. 

This project will provide a structure for the investigators that includes: training, coaching, mentorship, feedback, and conferences to form research collaborations and incentives. This involves upgrading your knowledge about research design and statistics and about the research literature on forgiveness. You can prepare for a career that includes doing research (and publishing it) on forgiveness-related topics.

Incentives include special training, materials to further your knowledge in the field of forgiveness as well as statistical knowledge, and instruction, guidance, and encouragement to publish collaboratively in scholarly journals.

Collaborations will be established between emerging investigators and experienced researchers (i.e., Principal Investigator and consultant-collaborator), and between emerging investigators themselves. Those collaborations will likely result in submitted research articles by the end of the project.

Investigators will be provided travel and accommodations to at least one regional conference where they will have the opportunity to collaborate with senior researchers and build a network of resources for future studies. Some investigators will be selected to attend a second research training conference.

This grant provides investigators the opportunity to apply their skills within their local community or geographic area where they believe the need for forgiveness and reconciliation would be beneficial. Benevolent intent can be transformed into realistic action. 

This training can increase the potential you have for publishing research, which might increase your standing in your profession, university, and academic unit.

Investigators will also be part of a growing forgiveness infrastructure in West Africa and South Africa. They will have the opportunity to be an important part of this emerging culture of forgiveness.

Use Our Application Form To Apply

The process begins with an online form. Completing the form will allow you to download the application (Word doc).

Once you complete the application (Word doc downloaded above), send it as an attachment to the appropriate address by clicking the appropriate button below, based on your location.